got a secret, can you keep it?
Life is full of colours and so is photoshop. Marianna, Roxane & Vicky. Greece, France & Czech. Enjoy

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psd 185. → mf / da

a psd for the TV show “The Vampire Diaries”  for both dark and light screencaps

psd 170. → mf da

psd for gifs (don’t hesitate to adjust it)

psd 151. → mf / da

a psd for every kind of tv show!

psd 145. → mf / da

contains 2 psds (purple & yellow)


icons by misgiving     (like or reblog if you take)


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psd pack for gifs. → mf / ss

3 psds for tv shows (don’t hesitate to adjust them)

psd 104. → download

a psd for gifs and screencaps,both light and dark ones.