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Life is full of colours and so is photoshop. Marianna, Roxane & Vicky. Greece, France & Czech. Enjoy

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psd 298. → mf da

  • a simple colorful psd for screencaps
  • Contains vibrance

psd 297. → mf / da

  • works not only on Teen Wolf, but also any other tv show.
  • for both light and dark scenes.

psd 295. → mf da

  • a psd for dark screencaps. 
  • Contains vibrance

psd 293. → mf da

  • a psd for screencaps. You may have to adjust it
  • Contains 2 textures

psd 287. → mf da

  • a simple and colorful psd for screencaps
  • works for many shows
  • other examples : x, x, x

psd / da

a soft whiteish psd for Teen Wolf screencaps (it doesn’t work on all caps, so you’ll have to adjust it)

psd 273. → mf / da

a brownish psd for the tv show “Teen Wolf”, for both dark and light scenes.