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Life is full of colours and so is photoshop. Marianna, Roxane & Vicky. Greece, France & Czech. Enjoy

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psd 300. → mf / da

a soft pinkish psd, for all kinds of pictures. (candids, photoshoots, appearances)

psd 291. → mf / da

Works for every picture, appearances, candids and photoshoots. Contains vibrance.

psd 289. → mf / da

a colorful psd for all kind of gifs. (interviews, talk shows, behind the scenes, etc.)

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psd 283. → mf / da

  • a psd for all kind of gifs.
  • works on many videos, of course don’y hasitate to adjust the brightness or the vibrance etc.

psd 278. → mf

a simple psd, gives the picture a natural look and it fits in all appearances, candids and photoshoots pics.

psd 276. → mf / da

a colorful psd, contains vibrance.