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Life is full of colours and so is photoshop. Marianna, Roxane & Vicky. Greece, France & Czech. Enjoy

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psd 307. → mf / da

a white-ish psd for everything.

psd 306. → mf / da

a psd that works for everything.

Hello guys!

So as you may have seen I (Marianna) personally don’t post very much.

The reason beacuse of that is school:/ Unfortunately I have very little free time to edit something new and thats why I don’t post veyr often:/

I promise you that any time that I will have some free time I will post new psds!

Thank you TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who keep following us and who sends us their love!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for your psds, especially for number 289. I am a newbie in gif-making and it goes well with everything I make. Have a happy day.


thats so sweet THANK YOUU :’D

psd 305. → mf / da (will be added)

the simplest b&w psd to be made, but might be helpful for someone. adjust curves for a better result

psd 304. → mf da

a psd that works better for bright pictures.

psd 303. → mf / da

a soft, simple psd for all kinds of photos.